SEATA 2002 Annual Conference

Birmingham, Alabama
July 20 - 24, 2002


Additional Presentations will be added as received

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General Session

Overview of State Taxation
Harley Duncan, Federation of Tax Administrators

Sales & Use Tax

Update on Streamlined Sales Tax Project
Charles Collins, North Carolina Department of Revenue

Update on Sales Tax Cases in the SouthEast
James C Exnicios and Robert S Angelico, Liskow and Lewis, APLC

Managed Compliance Agreements
Faranak Naghavi, Ernst & Young

Alabama Internet Filings
Donna Joyner & Pamela Hill, Alabama Department of Revenue

Louisiana Internet Filings
Raymond Tangney, Louisiana Department of Revenue

Florida Sales and Use Tax e-Filing
David Young, Florida Department of Revenue

SEATA Information Exchange Committee
David Mays, South Carolina Department of Revenue


System for Unified Taxation (SUNTAX)
Tony Powell & Louis Panebianco, Florida Department of Revenue

Louisiana Amnesty ­ Pay Now or Pay Later
Earl Millet, Louisiana Department of Revenue

Disclosure & Privacy Awareness for State Tax Professionals
Nesbit Parker, Internal Revenue Service

Marketing E-Filing Programs
Danny Brown, Louisiana Department of Revenue

Processing Improvements When You Are Broke
Sherrie McTeer, South Carolina Department of Revenue

Outsourcing Functions
Holley Tindol, Alabama Department of Revenue

Advances in Processing Using 2-D Barcoding
Lannie Greene, Georgia Department of Revenue

Income Tax

Intangible Holding Companies ­ Current Developments
Jack L Harper, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Database Matching Against Individual Income Tax Returns
Voncile Catledge, Alabama Department of Revenue

Handling Criminal Referrals ­ Bridging the Communication Gap
Tom Dixon, North Carolina Department of Revenue

Compliance Issues in Small Business/Self-Employed
Steve Burgess, Internal Revenue Service

Real Estate Investment Trust ­ A Revenue Loss?
Mike Pearson, Louisiana Department of Revenue

Pass-Through Entities ­ Effective Strategies for Collecting Tax from Nonresident Shareholders and Partners:
Angela Cumbie, Alabama Department of Revenue
Nancy Butler, Alabama Department of Revenue
Ed Cutter, Alabama Department of Revenue

Open Discussion ­ What’s Happening in Your State?
Bobby Goolsby, Georgia Department of Revenue
Nancy Pomeranz, North Carolina Department of Revenue

Property Tax

GIS ­ Integrating GIS and CAMA
Susan Marlow, Smart Data Strategies

Tennessee Statewide GIS Program
Mark Tuttle, State of Tennessee

Changes and Trends in the Wireless Industry
Ed Noonan, Cingular Wireless

Valuation of Wireless Industry by States
Stan Duncan, North Carolina Department of Revenue
Larry Griggers, Georgia Department of Revenue
Will Martin, Alabama Department of Revenue

New Generation (Independent Power Production) ­ Type and Location Decisions:
Thomas Anderson, Southern Company Services

Entrepreneurial Profit in the Public Utility Industry:
Dr. John Davis, III, John H Davis III Company

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